Thanks so much for the fast and professional service. You saved me hundreds. My boat now runs like new.
Gary Thomas - FL
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and professionalism this morning. I brought my injectors to you for cleaning, and not exactly being the “mechanical type” you were quickly able to make me feel as if I were an important part of the process. That trait is something which is sorely lacking in many businesses today. I have been in business for myself in some form or fashion for over 20 years and I can appreciate your enthusiasm, knowledge and customer service. I will and have already recommended your services to my fellow guides and I hope, when the time comes, they will use your service. I know that this (cleaning fuel injectors) is not a high ticket item. But your attentiveness would have made people think that it was a highly profitable opportunity. A class act indeed. Again, thank you and your wife for your prompt and friendly service. It was something that will not quickly be lost on me.
Michael S. LaRue - TX, USCG Licensed Captain
I just want to thank you guys for helping us out of our predicament. I don’t know how many shops there are that is willing to open their shop for you on a Saturday evening at 9 PM to diagnose a set of injectors, clean and flow test them and still don’t overcharge for the service. The simple and commonsense advise you gave us saved a $30 000.00 race engine and allowed us to carry on with our racing season.
John Westfield - TX
Awesome service and highly recommended! Thank you
John Moore - CA
Being treated like one of the boys and having things explained in such a manner I can understand it and then being able to explain it to my husband that he could actually understand me, makes InjectorRX #1 in my books. Excellent service, thank you……. thank you.
Lynette Schreiber - LA
Dude you saved my wallet …..big time.
Eric Horn - NY
I wanted to thank you for helping me with the injectors for my Yamaha. I have never thought about cleaning them before and started looking online and came up with your website during the rebuild of my outboard. I figured that while I had it apart I would go ahead and have them cleaned as my engine was running rough at idle and lower RPM’s. I figured I probably had 1 bad injector but didn’t think there would be problems with 3 of them. I gained a ton of knowledge listening to you explain how they work as you were cleaning and checking them out. I appreciated that as this is my first outboard rebuild and am trying to learn as much as possible during it. I will definitely be recommending your service to everyone I know. I also will be having them cleaned during my Fall maintenance as you recommend as the price for the new ones are outrageous. You are a class act and I appreciate all that you have done with the injectors as well as the cylinder head and crankshaft that are giving me problems. We’ll be talking soon and wish you the best with your business.
Brad Setera - TX
Being treated with respect in a man’s world does go a long way for me. If it was not for you, taking the time to explain injectors to me, my mechanic would have taken me to the cleaners. Thanks for the great service and thank you for saving me money.
Audrey Mayo - WI
Every time I called there was somebody to pick up the phone. Excellent communication and service, something all too often missing in today’s business environment.
George Stanley - IL
Fast, friendly, and very professional service. My injectors were cleaned and flow tested in 24 hours, but they do offer same day service. The price is very reasonable, and I was more then pleased with the service rendered. Chris (the owner) is very honest and very knowledgeable he will allow you to watch your injectors get serviced, let you know the condition of the injectors, explain how his cleaning process works, and will give you a few pointers on taking preventive measures. It was a great experience doing business with this place, I will most defiantly continue to do business with them in the future.
Rod - TX