Symptoms of problematic inboard and outboard fuel injector .Outboard Fuel Injector Service

  • Poor Starting when cold
  • Hard to start when hot
  • Poor Idle
  • Fuel smells
  • Engine not running smooth
  • Loss of power
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • Smoke coming from the exhaust
  • High engine temps
  • Engine going in limp mode
  • Lower speeds
  • Watercraft not getting up on plane

Outboard fuel injector cleaning

Our inboard and outboard fuel injector cleaning service, is performed by knowledgeable and experienced technicians.  Included in our service is ultrasonic cleaning, before and after flow testing and the replacement of most O-rings and filter baskets.*

A simple to understand report indicating before and after conditions is provided.

Injector RX has been cleaning fuel injectors  for just about all types of water craft that utilizes gasoline based engines. This includes Crusader, Evinrude, Mariner, Mercury, GM, Ford, PCM, Volvo Penta, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Rotax, Jets Skis  and more.

We also clean and flow test Optimax air injectors and its associated fuel injectors

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The above are symptoms of fuel injectors that might be gummed-up, dirty, clogged , rusty or those that might have electrical problems. Some of these problems can also be caused by a bad injector connectors, fuel pump or bad gas.

Boat not getting on plane.

Scenario 1

The engine on the boat or watercraft runs smooth but the watercraft has a hard time getting on plane. It feels like the engine has all the power it needs in the lower rpm range but as soon as wide open throttle is applied it falls on its face.

Scenario 2

The boat or watercraft gets up on plane but cannot reach full operating rpm and fuel consumption increase.

Both, scenario one and two is a true indication of a fuel delivery problem. Might it be dirty injectors, a fuel pump going bad or fuel filters getting clogged up it is still a fuel delivery problem.  A problem which if not remedied have the potential to cause serious and expensive damages. In most instances, 95% of the time, the problem is dirty or gummed up injectors.

Simple test for fuel delivery.

You are on the water and your watercraft is just not performing the way it should under full throttle. Slowly start to pull back on the throttle until it feels that the engine is starting to make power, runs smooth or to the point where it starts to loose rpm. If this happens then you have a fuel delivery problem and the engine is running lean guaranteed. 95% Of the time it can be traced to dirty fuel injectors.

Keep the throttle in that position and do not go back to wide open throttle. If you do, you can cause the engine to run lean and cause catastrophic engine failure. Once back at shore  remove the injectors or take your watercraft to your mechanic and ask him to remove the injectors and send them to Injector RX to be cleaned. At this time, it might also be a good idea to have all the fuel filters in the fuel system replaced.

Beware: Fuel injection cleaners used at the wrong time can cause severe engine damage

Test for fuel pump problems.

Safety First: When working on fuel systems always keep suitable fire extinguishing equipment on hand. If you are not sure of what you doing get a professional to do it for you.

To test for fuel pump problems you will need a fuel pressure gauge. Connect the gauge to the fuel system after the pump and as close to the fuel rail as possible. Although the fuel pressure might indicating correctly at idle it does not mean that the pump can maintain full pressure at wide open throttle. If the fuel system is a return system make sure that the gauge is hooked up before the fuel pressure regulator.

Once the fuel pressure gauge is safely hooked up to the fuel system put a full working load on the engine. The fuel pressure should maintain manufacturers specification. If it does not in can be a couple things.

  1. The filter to the inlet of the pump is clogged (Replace)
  2. The in line filters between the pump and the fuel pressure gauge are clogged. (Replace and retest)
  3. If there is no filters between the pump and the pressure gauge or the filters has been replaced then the fuel pump is most probably going bad.
  4. Voltage controller to the pump is bad. Some fuel systems,  especially turbo charged applications,  increases the voltage to the fuel pump. If this controller goes bad the system might not be able to hold fuel pressure under boost.

Yamaha HPDI Pump:

On the Yamaha HPDI fuel systems the electrical pump might be in perfect working order but the high pressure direct injection pump might be dirty. Since these pumps operate at very high pressure we do not recommend doing any form of  DIY testing on them. If you experience any problems with these pumps, send them to us and we will do the testing on your behalf.

Since 2006, we have maintained a turnaround time of 24 -48 hours and our prices are more than fair for the service we provide. In the event we need more than 24 hrs we will contact and inform you.



Call us at 1 (800) 381-2065 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information on how you can get started with our affordable outboard fuel injector cleaning and reconditioning service today.

* O-rings and filter baskets will only be replaced if they are available to us in the after market.