E-Tec Fuel Injector etecIndications that you might have problems with your E-Tec or Ficht injectors and that they require a cleaning service

  • Engine does not want to start at all.
  • Poor starting or hard to start.
  • Smell of fuel around the engine.
  • Ruff engine idle.
  • Engine misfires and runs ruff during normal operation.
  • Engine has no power.
  • Engine cannot reach full rpm.
  • Watercraft does not want to get on plane.
  • Engine starts to run better when slightly backing of a set throttle position, especially from wide open throttle.
  • Blown engine due to detonation

Cost of our E-Tec and Ficht fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service:

$55.00 per E-Tec injector (Includes O-Rings)
$65.00 per Ficht Injector

NOTICE: !10 Day Service Guarantee!
We are happy to assist with installation issues within 10 days of any performed service. It is highly recommended that you install your injectors as soon as they are received, so they can be returned for additional service within the guarantee window.  Any services performed for repairs after 10 days are subject to regular pricing. 


Cause of ETec or Ficht injectors getting dirty, clogged or start leaking .

Unfortunately hydrocarbons within fuels as well as dirt from marina pump station sometimes pass the filter system and enter the injector. When this happen the etec injector will act up. When not taken care off this situation has the ability to cause serious and expensive damage.

Sludge, gunk and shellac caused by old fuel in the tank is also a reason for E-Tec injectors to become dirty and contaminated. Injector and fuel systems cleaners rarely does a good job of cleaning a contaminated fuel system.

Ethanol is also a cause of E-Tec injectors to start to malfunction. Most problems with engines that use E-Tec or Ficth injectors are caused by fuel and ethanol contamination in some way or another. Once dirt and fuel based contaminants enter the injector all sorts of problems are experienced. From a rough running engine, an application that does not produce power, a watercraft that does not get on plain and even a blown up engines is but a few.

About E-Tec or Ficht Fuel Injectors

Unlike normal injectors E-TEC fuel injectors are basically a self-contained pump that delivers a precise amount of fuel to achieve clean and complete combustion. This guarantee full power output and clean emissions. Normal  injectors is basically an electronic valve that is either fully open or close.

Evenrude/Johnson E-Tec injectors are advanced and technically sophisticated. Highly accurate and very resilient. Properly maintained etec injectors has the ability to outlast the engine.

Poor spray patterns, grime, clogging, leaking and flow restricted nozzles are all causes of a poor running two stroke engines using E-Tec injectors.

Testing and cleaning E-TEC and Ficht injectors

By using specialized electronic equipment specifically made for servicing E-Tec and Ficht injectors we can visually and electronically check for any discrepancies. We test resistance, spray patterns and dynamic flow. Injectors with a resistance below 2 Ohms cannot be repaired and will be rejected.

Leak testing is done in 5 PSI increments from 40 – 80 psi.

A combination of ultrasonic cleaning stages and back flushing are used to loosen and remove all dirt particles inside the injectors.

Once all testing and cleaning is done a final spray and dynamic flow test is performed to insure the E-Tec injectors are working properly.

The injectors are then lubricated and placed in separate bags. We suggest you only open theses backs when are getting ready to install the injectors.

Regardless of time spent, we do not charge for E-Tec or Ficht injectors we cannot recover!

FAQ’s about E-Tec Coefficient files

Q: What is a coefficient file?
The E-Tec and Ficht fuel injector is a proprietary design with unusual features. After being manufactured, each individual injector is tested  to establish its precise fuel delivery characteristics. This testing procedure categorizes the individual injector and its performance using a series of coefficients. The coefficient file contains this date and has to be uploaded to the EMM for each individual injector .individual injector is then tagged with a 2D code (a Matrix Code) that contains the data about that injector’s coefficients.

Q: Can I swap my injectors around or borrow or use one from another engine?
A: No, each injector require the upload of an injector specific coefficient file to the EMM.

Q: Do I need to upload a new coefficient file after you cleaned my E-Tec injectors
A: No. The only time a new coefficient file is needed is when you install a new injector.

Q: Does the coefficient information of the E-Tec fuel injector change when they are internally cleaned?
A: We do not change the behavior or any internal electrical components of the injector. We only clean the inside therefore the coefficient information stay unchanged.

Q: Why buying a used ETEC injector from E-Bay is not recommended and a total waste of many.
A: The coefficient file required by the EMM to control the injector is specific to the injector. Without the original coefficient file for that injector the EMM will not control the injector properly. Possible engine damage my result due to such action.

FAQ’s about E-Tec Injectors

Q: Do E-Tec Injectors wear out ?
A: Properly maintained E-Tec injectors will outlive the engine.

Q: Do I have to number the injectors before I remove them ?
A: Yes ! This is very important ! All Etec injectors must go back to the same cylinder it was removed.

Q: Will you sell me a new injector if I have one that is bad ?
A: No, we do not sell injectors. Buy new E-Tec  injectors from your Evinrude dealer. The dealer must upload a new coefficient file for the injector you purchased to the Engine Management Module (EMM).

Q: Can I install a newly purchased E-Tec injector myself ?
A: Yes but only if you have that injector’s specific coefficient file and the proper software to do so.

Q: Can I send just one injector when my engine runs badly and I suspect one injector is dirty or clogged?
A: In all the years of servicing injectors we have never done a set where only one was dirty and the others were good. The same fuel system that cause contamination on the one injector most probably started to contaminate the other injectors. It will only show up later and to avoid additional down time and shipping cost send us the complete set.

Q: Should I have my E-Tec injectors serviced after I had a new powerhead installed after an engine failure?
A: Yes ! Most engine failures are caused due detonation, a lean condition caused by dirty injectors .

Q: What ells can be done before reinstalling serviced ETEC Injectors ?
A: Check and properly clean the inside of the VST Tank. Replace all filters and ensure the fuel system is clean.