Cleaning fuel injectors outside the engine will always deliver a better result than the best fuel.injector cleaner. This form of injector cleaning allows for the inspection of all components. It guarantees a complete service with measurable results. Something injector cleaner can never do.

Why clean your fuel injectors is important:

fuel injectors before and after injector cleaningEven though injectors have the finest tolerances of any working part in the modern internal combustion engine, regular cleaning as a maintenance item is hardly ever considered or advised.

Engine Gunk and hydrocarbons

Add engine gunk to the hydrocarbons, additives and moisture drawing Ethanol that forms part of today’s fuels  and you have the root cause for fuel injectors to become restricted and clogged. Something all gasoline based fuel injected engines are vulnerable too.  Marine applications, motorcycles and vehicles that sat for a long time with fuel in the tank as well as older vehicles in general are the most vulnerable and most likely to experience drive-ability and emissions problems. Ultrasonic  cleaning is the most reliable and only cleaning method  that can truly guarantee that injectors coming of these engines are clean.

Computer Controlled Engines

Almost all of today’s computer controlled engines monitor one or two oxygen sensors, placed in such a way that it can only analyze the combined exhaust gases and not each cylinder, thus averaging the air fuel ratios.  Ad a dirty, gummed up or clogged injector in the mix and this can cause some cylinders to run leaner and other cylinders to run richer, causing all kinds of drive-ability issues. Eventually it might and can cause catastrophic engine failure. Injector cleaning can prevent this from happening.

 We can help clean your fuel injectors and save you money, too! We service injectors for people nationwide!

 Injector Cleaner!

fuel.injector cleaner can only clean what it touchesFuel.injector cleaner or injection cleaning additives  can only clean what it touches! Liquid in its natural state or under pressure will always follow the easiest path. It therefore becomes clear why some cleaning methods such as injector cleaning additives or fuel rail induced cleaners does not always do a good job of cleaning the internal components of the fuel injectors.

Chemical fuel injection cleaner

Chemical fuel.injector cleaner poured in the tank cannot distinguish between the various components it touches. Therefore will have a cleaning effect on everything it comes in contact with. In theory this is supposed to be good but in practice this more often than not has the opposite effect. Grime and dirt loosened by the cleaner from the various fuel system components such as the fuel tank, fuel lines and fuel rail are sent directly to the injectors. Since the filter baskets inside the injectors are very small in micron size they become clogged very quickly.

Rail Induced Fuel.Injector Cleaner

In some cases fuel rail induced injector cleaner will damage the filter baskets and allow for larger pieces of debris to enter the injector. This can cause the pintle to become stuck or if the debris lodges itself on the pintle, ball or disc seat the injector will start to leak. Leaking injectors is not only a fire hazard but can also cause engine damage.

Some fuel.injector cleaners might even be harmful to expensive components such as catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and other components.

Other than it “feels” if the engine runs better there is just no way to verify or confirm that the money spent on these cleaners was worth it because visual inspection of the spray patterns and flow rates are not possible.

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Cleaning fuel injectors by removing them from the engine

Cleaning injectors by removing them from the engine and then proceed with a cleaning process of visual inspection, ultrasonic cleaning and actual flow testing for spray patterns and volume is the only accurate, reliable and guaranteed way to confirm  that they are clean and doing their job the way they are intended to . Anything else is only guess work.

What you see when  cleaning injectors on the engine

What you see when fuel injector cleaning is done inside the engine

What you see when fuel injector cleaning is done inside the engine

  • Atomization cannot be determined.
  • Spray pattern and distribution cannot be determined.
  • Damaged pintle caps, bad, cracked or torn O-rings.
  • It cannot determined leaking pintle, disc or ball valves.
  • It cannot check  fuel delivery per pulsed cycle set.
  • Cannot confirm equal fuel delivery for the injector set.

What you can see when injector cleaning and flow testing is done outside of the engine:

Bad fuel injector spray pattern can visually been checked

Fuel injector spray patterns can be visually checked when they are cleaned outside the engine




Fuel Injector Spray Pattern (Distribution) and Atomization:

Injector distribution and atomization

Fuel injector atomization and distribution.

Equipment for testing and cleaning fuel injectors.

Fuel.Injector cleaning and flow testing machine


Manufacturer approved state of the art fuel.injector cleaning equipment allows us to visually check injectors for leaks, distribution, faulty spray patterns and confirm  flow rates. To further strengthen our proven diagnostic procedures, and to confirm proper injector functionality at all levels of operation, we check the injectors electronically for current draw and pulse them from 250 to at least 10 000 rpm and sometimes as high as 20 000 rpm before final flow testing. Our fuel injector cleaning equipment also allows us to compare, side by side, for flow rates and spray patterns.

We service automotive, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, jet ski,  marine, E-Tec, Ficht and other  outboard fuel injectors. We also service GDI or direct injectors (Gasoline Direct Injectors). Our cost effective ultrasonic fuel.injector cleaning and electronic flow testing procedures will restore most fuel injectors to a reliable factory new condition. Eliminating the purchase of new and expensive OEM or aftermarket fuel injectors.

When all cylinders are operating evenly, you can expect emissions, drive-ability, peak performance and fuel economy to improve.

Spray pattern before cleaning fuel injectors.

dirty fuel injectorFlow testing injectors


Spray pattern and flow testing after injector cleaning.

clean fuel injector pintleSpray pattern and flow testing after ultrasonic cleaning



We also offer an “Expedited” or “Next Day”  cleaning service at $30.00 per injector and $35.00 per Direct Injector.

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Or call us today at 1.800.381.2065 for more information. We can help clean your fuel injectors and save you money, too! We clean and flow test fuel injectors for people nationwide!

We also clean Yamaha HPDI fuel pumps

We Do Not Service:

  • Diesel Injectors
  • GM Vortec CPI injector “spider” assemblies.