We do not service or clean the following injectors:

    • Diesel Injectors
    • Ficht Injectors
    • BMW N54 Piezo Injectors
    • GM Spider Injectors

For “walk in” customers we offer a same day or while you wait fuel injector cleaning service at $25.00 per injector and $35.00 per Direct Injector (GDI).

Note: Same day service is subject to a minimum charge of $60.00.

Select Your Service.

Please select the service you require from the list directly to the right. Fill out and print the form, and ship the form with your injectors to us. Don’t be concerned if you accidentally chose the wrong form.We will call to remedy before we start the work.  Still not sure what to do? Give us a call at 1.800.381.2065, we like to help our customers.

If you do not have a printer please include your contact information with at minimum a phone number on a note with the injectors and then ship them to us.

Note: By shipping your injectors or any other components for service to us, it is implied that you except our standard warranty policy.



Note: We also ultrasonically clean fuel rails and throttle bodies.

Work on your injectors can not be started if your customer information is not included.  To ensure proper replacement and match, please leave o-rings and spacers on the injector.  Dry each injector and then place it in individual plastic bags. If so desired, mark each bag with the cylinder it came from. Placing the injectors in a plastic bag will also prevent gasoline odors coming from your parcel.

If required please download the latest copy of Adobe Reader

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Return shipping United States.

$9.00 Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping in the contiguous United States only. (Max of 8 injectors)

Express mail return shipping is available for $45.00; please indicate that you would like this on the information sheet included with your injectors. (Max of 8 injectors)

You do not have to use USPS Priority Mail for return shipping, You can use any shipping company of your choice. Return shipping in this case will be adjusted to reflect the charges the shipping company you choose charge.

Please indicate the amount of insurance you want.  Note: $1.25 will be added for each $100 of insurance required.


Note: Injector RX cannot be blamed, held responsible or liable for errors,  mistakes, non-deliveries, damage or product lost whilst shipments are in the custody of  USPS, UPS, FedEx or any shipping company you might request us to use.

International Shipping.

International shipping is based on the country of origin and the service requested.

Payment information:

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, money order and PayPal as payment.

No checks will be accepted.


PayPal payment requests, must be accompanied with the correct PayPal id (PayPal Email address) and a contact number. (Phone Number)

A request for payment will be emailed to you once the work on your injectors are completed.

Credit cards.

Be sure to include your credit card info, a contact number and sign the credit card authorization on the information sheet.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, money order and PayPal as payment.

Return shipment of your injectors might be delayed if proper information is not supplied.

We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. Please select from the service below.


Our shipping address:

Injector Rx
12201 Dover St.
Houston, TX 77031


Local customers:

Contact us at 281-738-3635 to setup an appointment.

Same day fuel injector service or have them cleaned while you wait is available at $25.00 per STD injector and $35.00 per direct injector.

Note: Same day service is subject to a minimum charge of $60.00.

Business hours are from: 8am – 6pm, M – F and 8am – 3pm (most Saturdays) central time.