Fuel injector maintenance and the service of its related components is as important as maintaining any other part of the vehicle. A clean fuel injection systems will ensure engine reliability, longevity and proper performance.

With emissions testing and the enforcement thereof becoming increasingly stricter it has become very important to ensure that the fuel injection system and fuel injectors, are clean and operate as designed. Failing an emissions test on your vehicle can be very costly. Although we recommend to always use quality brand names when filling your tank with fuel, it is not always possible and therefore it is recommended that a quality injection system cleaner should be used.

The addition of ethanol to our fuels are causing major problems and care has to be taken to ensure a good quality fuel stabilizer to be used when storing a vehicle or any gasoline based equipment for extended periods of time.

Marine Fuel Injection Systems

Gasoline based fuel systems used in the marine or watercraft industry, suffer from the same fate than that of their brethren on land. Due to its nature, the presence of moisture is more prevalent on the water than on land, combined that with the use of ethanol in our fuels and the problems the boating and watercraft community face is huge.

Dirty and clogged marine injectors have cost their owners thousands of dollars in engine repairs. If your application don’t want to perform under wide open throttle pull the throttle back until the engine runs smooth or to the point where the engine maintains a steady rpm.

Fuel injection cleaner and stabilizers.

The use of good fuel stabilizers and injection cleaning additives is not always successful. Many times the boat captain or pilot find him or herself in a situation where the engines do not deliver enough power when they need it the most. Within a blink of an eye the engines will go from running smooth to having just about no power at all. In most cases the problem can be and has been traced to the injectors.

We suggest and recommend that boat and other watercraft owners have their injectors cleaned every six months or at least before the start of every season. The cost of cleaning a set of injectors is far less than having  your watercraft towed to shore or rebuilding an engine.