Ethanol Problems

Ethanol causes fuel injector problems. Since the introduction of Ethanol, the problems with gasoline are slightly different. Ethanol is hygroscopic and will absorb moisture from the atmosphere directly into the fuel molecules. Water found in gasoline sinks to the bottom of the tank.

Ethanol is created when crops such as sugar cane, maize, sorghum, wheat and other grains, or even cornstalks, fruit and vegetable waste is fermented and distilled. Ethanol blends dramatically reduce emissions of hydrocarbons.

With the introduction of Ethanol in our gasoline came a boat load of problems so to speak. The affects of Ethanol was never properly tested  before its introduction, thus leaving many in various industries to foot the bill for ongoing, unnecessary and most of the time very expensive repairs. Even some aircraft using automotive based gasoline were affected.

For both retailer and end user, this is a very serious problem. More so for the end user because it is the end user that most of the time has to foot the bill for expensive fuel system and engine related repairs.

Ethanol cause fuel injector problems

When gasoline containing Ethanol comes in contact with water, either liquid or in the form of humidity; the Ethanol will pick up and absorb some or all of that water. When it reaches a saturation point the Ethanol and water will Phase Separate.

Phase separation is when the water content in the fuel tank builds up to a level where separation of the ethanol and gasoline takes place. Reports have suggested that a fuel tank content of just 0.35% of water will lead to phase separation.

What you are left with is a layer of water on the bottom of the tank Above it will be the layer of ethanol and above that will be the remainder of the unleaded gasoline. This fuel is deemed useless and corrosive. If used will cause havoc in fuel injection systems. Clogged and especial sticky fuel injectors are but some of the related problems.

No where is this more prevalent than in the marine industry where thousands of dollars are spent to rebuild engines and replace fuel related components such as fuel pumps and fuel injectors.

It is therefore a good idea to manage fuel storage as closely as possible. Try to ensure that fuel tanks are empty when the boat, Jet Ski or related water based gasoline engine driven equipment are stored for periods of time. This is also true for some aircraft, especially those using automotive gasoline blends.


Ethanol fuel can cause fuel injector issues due to phase separation








ethanol fuel injector problems caused by phase separation



Regular maintenance

Maintenance such as injector cleaning and flow testing should be done on a regular.

Using gasoline as a fleet operator or for your family car, classic car, boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, RV, lawnmower, weed-whacker, generator, or any of the thousands of other types of equipment that use gasoline engines, you are being affected by Bio-Ethanol in your fuel.