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Injector Rx is trusted by many Yamaha Dealers to service, clean and recondition not only their Yamaha HPDI fuel Pumps but their HPDI injectors too.

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Yamaha HPDI fuel pump reconditioning service

Dirt, rust and other contaminants which cause fuel injectors to become dirty and clogged are pumped through these expensive Yamaha High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) pumps and cause the internal filters to become restricted and clogged. Water accumulation due to its presence in the atmosphere and ethanol in the fuel also causes HPDI internals to become rusted and cause internal valves to no longer seal properly.

Contaminants and dirt settle on the sensitive reed valve like metal plates and check valves inside the fuel injection pump,recondition HPDI fuel pump resulting in a pump that will not longer hold pressure or bleed of pressure throughout the RPM range. Dirt and contaminants also accumulate on other sensitive and precision internal components and eventually will cause premature failure.

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Yamaha HPDI fuel pump reconditioning service.

By disassembling the entire HPDI fuel injection pump, we have the opportunity to inspect and service all components.

Most of these internal components cannot be purchased separately and if damaged will require the purchase of a very expensive new HPDI injection pump. Proper hand lapping, polishing and cleaning of these sensitive internal components, combined with the replacement of the internal mystery filter will restore and dramatically increase service life of both the single and double high pressure fuel injection pumps.

With our Yamaha HPDI fuel pump cleaning and reconditioning service we have managed to bring back to live many of these Yamaha fuel injection pumps and extend the service life of others.

We recommend this inexpensive service on a regular basis, especially when the GDI injectors that are supplied with fuel from these Yamaha HPDI fuel injection pumps, become clogged and require cleaning or replacement. Think about it, for the dirt to get get into the GDI injectors it had to travel through the HPDI pump.

With our cost effective service, and super fast turn around times, we have saved many of our customers the expense of purchasing a expensive Yamaha fuel injection pumps.

68F-24470-00 Yamaha HPDI Fuel Injection Pump (Single) ($350.00 Service Charge)

68F-24470-00 Yamaha HPDI Fuel Pump ServiceYamaha 68F-24470-00 : Hitachi Injector Cleaning

60V-13910-00 Yamaha HPDI Fuel Injection Pump (Single or Double) ($350 Service Charge for Single pump and $700.00 for Double pump)

Yamaha HPDI 60V-13910-00 Yamaha 60V-1390-00 HPDI Double Fuel Pump



We might be able to help with other make and models of high pressure direct fuel injection pumps.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call 1.800.381.2065 for more information. We can help clean your Yamaha HPDI pump and injectors, and save you money too!

We service Yamaha HPDI Pumps and direct  fuel injectors for people nationwide!