motorcycle fuel injector cleaning

Throttle bodies with injectors

Motorcycle fuel injector cleaning service from Injector Rx is fast efficient and cost effective. We have been servicing motor cycle injectors since 2006 and our 24 hr turnaround times will get you back riding in no time. We service fuel injectors for Harley Davidson, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, KTM, Husqvarna, Norton, Cagive,  ATV’s and snowmobiles.

We have been, both racing and riding motorcycles our self’s for many years . We understand and know what needs to be done to complete your motorcycle fuel injector cleaning process.

For as little as $22.00 per fuel injector we will restore your clogged or dirty motorcycle fuel injectors to work as new. If we don’t succeed we will not charge you for our time.

Or call us today at 281.738.3635 for more information. We can clean and flow test your fuel injectors and save you money, too! We service fuel injectors nationwide!

Beware: The incorrect use of fuel injection cleaners can cause severe engine damage.

 Motorcycle fuel injector cleaning service procedures.

Once we receive your motorcycle’s fuel injectors we follow the following process.

  1. The injectors are checked for resistance. If they fail the ohm test we will notify you that your injectors has failed and that it needs replacement.
  2. The injectors are then check for external cracks and or damage.
  3. The injector are now externally cleaned and prepare for the flow test bench.
  4. The Fuel injectors are flow tested and the results are recorded.
  5. If possible, O-rings and filter baskets are removed.
  6. The fuel injectors are now placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath where they are pulsed open and closed  for 30 – 40 minutes.
  7. The injectors are removed form the ultrasonic cleaning bath and then back flushed to remove any additional grime or dirt.
  8. New O-rings and filter baskets are installed (if and when available).
  9. The fuel injectors are now tested for spray pattern and atomization.
  10. The injectors are once again flow tested, The results are recorded and compared to see if the injector flow properly.
  11. If the injectors fail a second cleaning session at no additional charge will be attempted.
  12. Once cleaning are finalized the fuel injectors are lubricated and placed in a sealed Poly bag.
  13. A flow sheet is prepared and shipped with the injector.

Since we do not sell fuel injectors you can be assured that we will do everything possible to get your motorcycles fuel injector to perform as they should.  If we don’t succeed we will not charge you for our time.

You can also checkout our test on which injector cleaning method works the best for cleaning fuel injectors.

ATV and Snowmobile Fuel Injector Cleaning Service.

ATV’s and snowmobiles use the same injector styles than motorcycles and experience the same problems than motorcycles. If you have an  ATV or snowmobile and experiencing fuel injector problems you will greatly benefit from the fuel injector cleaning service we offer. Not only do we guarantee our work but we will save you money.