Our injector cleaning steps:

($18.00 per injector)
($25.00 per direct injector)

  1. Injectors are ohm tested for resistance. If they fail this test no further attempt will be made to clean them.
  2. Then they are externally cleaned, visually inspected, and numbered.
  3. Leak testing is done.
  4. Then they are tested for inductance, shorts, and current draw.
  5. Now spray pattern, and flow rate tests are performed and recorded.
  6. Dirt, loose paint and rust is removed via a parts cleaner and or blasting process.
  7. Filter baskets, O-rings, and pintle caps are removed if needed or where applicable .
  8. A three step ultrasonic cleaning process is performed. During this processes the injectors are pulsed at various rates. This ensures complete results. Only biodegradable environmental friendly chemicals are used .
  9. After ultrasonic cleansing a high pressure back-flush is performed to remove any remaining particles that might be left inside the injector and to flush out water based ultrasonic cleaning fluids.
  10. The injectors are now retested for: leaks, spray pattern and flow, and the results are recorded.
  11. New filter baskets, O-rings, and pintle caps are installed if and where applicable.
  12. The injectors are lubricated and placed in sealed plastic bags.
  13. A comprehensive test report is prepared and returned with the injectors.

Injector Flow Testing:

($10.00 per injector)

  • Injectors are flow tested only. No additional service is performed and no components are replaced. Flow test results are recorded. Upon completion of the the flow test the injectors are lubricated and sealed in Poly bags.



Long Term Storage:

(No Extra Charge.)

  • The “Clean and Flow” service is performed
  • The injectors are lubricated with special lubricant.
  • The injectors are sealed in Poly bags.


Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business. We have been servicing injectors for customer nation wide since 2006.

We also offer a same day or while you wait cleaning service at $25.00 per MPI Injector or $35.00 per Direct Injector

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