Calculate new injector size when the fuel pressure changes.

Changing the fuel pressure of a fuel injection system will change the amount of fuel a fuel injector of a specific size will supply.

Lowering the fuel pressure will cause the injector to deliver less fuel.

Increasing the fuel pressure will cause the fuel injector to deliver more fuel.

The “new injector size when the fuel pressure changes calculator” allows you to do these calculations.

Be aware of the fact that raising fuel pressure too high can have an adverse affect on the performance of the fuel injector.

Note: Do not use decimal values, Use only whole numbers to calculate flow

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Why fuel injectors fail when fuel pressure is too high.

  • There can be a significant increase in injector latency or lag times
  • The coil inside the injector is not strong enough to lift the pintle shaft
  • The injector becomes overheated
  • Overheating of the injector can cause electrical failure
  • Fuel can become overheated

Note: All calculations is a general guideline