Fuel injector cleaning is the process whereby the moving and non moving parts inside the fuel injectors are cleaned. This process allow the injectors to operate and deliver fuel to the same specification of a new fuel injector.

Although there are other methods of injector cleaning, ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing is the only fuel injector cleaning method that can verify and guarantee that your fuel injectors are clean and perform the way they were designed to do.

This process requires the injector to be removed from the engine.

The actual fuel injector cleaning is done with environmental friendly chemicals inside an ultrasonic cleaning bath and specialized injector testing equipment. The fuel injectors are pulsed (opened and closed) thousands of times while they are in the ultrasonic bath.  The combination of cleaning chemicals that enter the injectors while they are opened and closed and  the ultrasonic sound waves scrubs the inside of the fuel injectors to the point where all contaminant buildup, such as hydrocarbons, grime and dirt is removed. Once the fuel injectors are ultrasonically cleaned a process called back flush is used to remove any left-over grime.

Just placing a set of fuel injectors inside an ultrasonic bath and not pulsing the injectors for 15000 – 30000 times at various speeds,  will not clean the inside of the injectors.

Why is this fuel injector cleaning method better?

This injector cleaning method is better because it allows for the visual inspection of:

•    The injector body to ensure that it is free from damage and cracks.
•    All injector components such as O-rings, pintle caps and filter baskets.
•    Confirmation of spray patterns and flow rates.
•    Replacement of components such as filter baskets, O-rings and pintle caps if and when required.

From the video below it can clearly be seen that the injector on the left has a bad spray pattern. Without the visual inspection of the spray pattern this injector problem would not have been diagnosed.

When does fuel injectors need cleaning?

Fuel injectors need cleaning when they become restricted due to the buildup of hydrocarbons, gunk, grime and dirt.

When should Injection Cleaners be used.

Injection cleaner should be used on late model cars etc. as preventative maintenance. Not to clean the fuel system or  injector’s that already started to become clogged. Once the fuel injectors become partially clogged the only way to guarantee that they are truly clean and operate to manufacturer’s specification is to remove them from the engine and have them ultrasonically cleaned and flow tested. Know and understand what fuel injector cleaner does before you pour it in your tank, especially if it is an older model vehicle or if the vehicle, boat or motorcycle has not been used for a while.