All gasoline based fuel injectors available in the United States or in the rest of the world for that matter are sealed units. The term: remanufactured fuel injectors, rebuild fuel injectors, reconditioned fuel injectors and or refurbished fuel injectors are misleading and a myth when it comes to fuel injector cleaning service.

It will be cost prohibitive to take these dirty or clogged fuel injectors apart, replace and or clean internal components, re assemble and then reseal the injector. To our knowledge there is not a company that performs this exact service or perform any other cleaning method that does this.

Most companies offering a fuel injector cleaning service are basically doing the same thing. When the dirty fuel injector or clogged fuel injectors arrive for service those components that can be removed from the fuel injector such as O-rings, pintle caps and filter baskets are removed. The injector then is placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath to clean the external part of the fuel injector. Once this is done the fuel injector is then connected to an electronically controlled machine that has the ability to pulls the fuel injector at various speeds. The injector is now placed in a second ultrasonic cleaning bath in such a way that the nozzle of the injector is amerced in a cleaning solution. The opening and closing of the pintle valve combined with the cleaning solution, agitated by the ultrasonic waves now cleans the internal components of the fuel injectors. The pulsation of the fuel injector combined with the ultrasonic waves force the cleaning solution to move up in the injector thus causing a flush effect on the injector and therefore expelling dirt and debris from the fuel injector internals.

Once it is established by means of flow testing and visual inspection that the spray patterns are correct and that the fuel injectors are clean, new filter baskets, pintle caps and O-rings are installed and the fuel injector is now ready for service again.

If after several cleaning attempts the flow pattern cannot be corrected and or quantity delivered by the injector is still not within spec the injector can be deemed as un-serviceable and the fuel injector should be replaced.

When choosing a business to do your fuel injector cleaning make sure of the following:

• The business can be contacted during normal offices hours.
• There is always somebody to answer the phone.
• The business has a legitimate business address.