Manufacturers rate fuel injectors by the maximum amount of fuel that they can flow in a given amount of time at a given pressure. This measurement is known as Static Fuel Injector Flow Rate and is normally taken at 100% duty cycle and a fuel pressure of 43.5 PSI.

Example: At 100% duty cycle a 55 pound (lb) injector at 43.5 PSI of fuel pressure will flow 55 pounds per hour.

Injector Flow Rates are expressed in pounds per hour (lb/hr) or cubic centimeter per minute (cc/min). Given the same pressure 1 lb/hr = 10.5 cc/min.

To convert lb/ hr to cc/min, multiply by 10.5
Sometimes injector flow rates are expressed in milliliter per minute (ml/min)
1 ml = 1 cc

Example: a 220 cc injector = 220 ml injector

Fuel injector static flow rate is the maximum fuel a fuel injector can flow at a given pressure.