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All about fuel injector cleaning and flow testing. What types of fuel injectors there are and how they work. Problems fuel injectors can cause and how to diagnose them.

Why E15 gas can cause engine problems.

Statement: Why E15 gas can cause engine problems. The energy density of ethanol is 12.18 megajoule's per lb. Compare that to the energy density of gasoline which is 40.45 megajoule's per lb. Based on this one can then understand why you have to use at least 40% more ethanol to produce the same energy than gasoline. [...]

What is fuel injector cleaning

Fuel injector cleaning is the process whereby the moving and non moving parts inside the fuel injectors are cleaned. This process allow the injectors to operate and deliver fuel to the same specification of a new fuel injector. Although there are other methods of injector cleaning, ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing is the [...]